Home Decor Trends 2020: Watch out for these 7 interior decoration trends this year

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2019 was a significant year for interior decoration. Several new ideas and trends were introduced that took Indian homes by storm. So while we are at the threshold of a new decade, interior experts have predicted many unconventional home décor ideas, being touted to be clear favourites for homeowners.

Here is a list of key trends worth seeking inspiration from and are foreseen to be major hits in 2020. In case you are looking to update your existing décor in tune with the latest styles, give these ideas a definite go in the new year.

More is more!

While we may observed a sudden acceptance of minimalism in recent years, 2020 will embrace all things big and loud. Yes, maximalism is expected to be a major design trend this year. Think bold, colourful and an unlikely amalgamation of patterns and materials. A good way to do this is by curating a living space with mixed furniture, bright modern paintings, boho-chic upholstery and eclectic statement pieces.

If you want to still play a bit safe, turn on the sass by using bold colours and patterns with sophisticated textures and finishes on your walls.

Wood panel designs

Although wood has traditionally been sought after for its timeless visual appeal, more and more homeowners and designers this year began to rediscover the warmth and beauty of this material! The grain patterns of different types of woods enhance a variety of interior styles. For example, woods with a more pronounced grain pattern, like teak and rosewood are known to lend a very traditional and rustic feel to an interior.

Be it stand-alone appearance walls to make a statement, or incorporating stained or textured wood finishes on your ceiling to add to an architectural interest, their versatility has rendered many new inventive uses to reinterpret existing styles throughout the home.

Vibrant wall colours

Do you have this one wall staring at you blankly every day that needs a desperate makeover? Why don’t you opt for the most common trend this year? Painting your wall with a splash of a vibrant colour is the easiest and quickest way to revive your interior space while also complementing the design of the house.

If you feel just one single colour is too monotonous, try using stripes or a combination of dark and light painting designs for an interesting look. It is also easy to change from time to time.

More and more homeowners are getting adventurous when it comes to their colour choice. Pale beiges, shades of ivory, coral and deep plum are few of the top best-selling colours currently.

If you are looking to give a twist to your interiors other than using just paints and wallpapers, interesting fabric is your answer. Incorporating fabrics like linen, cotton and silk will not just bring about an elegant look but add on to a spunky finish. This method is better suited of you are rugs and upholstery with Aztec and kilim prints.

You can incorporate such interesting fabric prints in just about anything - cushions, carpets, rugs, draperies, bedspreads and other artworks.

Geometric patterns are in

Another trend that is taking the world of fashion and art by storm is geometric patterns. Incorporating geometric patterns in your interiors is a sure way of making a statement in any living space - and let’s agree, you don’t necessarily have to be a lover of math and trigonometry to admire them.

Geometric patterns, by virtue of being unique decorative features, can make for great focal points in any décor. The most obvious way to include such patterns are as in your wall designs as it can instantly bring alive any room.

Choosing the right pattern is however a crucial task and must not be taken lightly. The patterns must play the role of an accent and not be too overwhelming for your guests.

Texture paints

Texture paints is something that is often appreciated and appeals to the mass. An unorthodox approach to painting surfaces, it offers you a choice of textures to unleash creativity. A touch of metallic highlights, frosted or pearl sheens and gypsum-based plasters would add a lot of depth and personality to any space and result in them being a conversation starter.

You can go for decorative painting by adding some artwork to the walls like a painting of a landscape, country scenes, delicate branches, and other decorative artworks. Pairing it with appropriately colored curtains and decor and voila, you will create a space that is incredibly unique in its personality.

Terracotta is re-emerging

Want to create a natural and vintage look for your space? A re-emerging interior trend is to incorporate terracotta designs into your living space. You can decorate the wall with terracotta in exciting patterns. This will enhance the look of the complete space. If you are looking for other options, choose to accentuate the flowing with terracotta tiles or wall arts. Terracotta tiles in the kitchen or bathroom floor walls make for an interior that feels tactile exotic.

With modern style, designers are always looking for ways to warm up a space, whether it’s through texture, earthy accents, or rich hues. No wonder this clay-like earthen colour was poised to make a big entrance!

All this put together, you have got the best wall design ideas for your home interiors this new year. Get going with your interior decorations in a hassle-free way!

-- By Mahesh Anand, President – Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division)